Student Mail and Packages

U.S. Mail: Using Your Yale Station P.O. Box

Get ALL your U.S. Mail letters and packages on time in one place.

  • Yale requires that all students use their U.S. Post Office box for receipt of all their letters and packages.
  • Using your P.O. Box guarantees that all your mail and packages get to you in one location without delay or confusion.

Use this format to address your U.S. Mail and packages:

  • Student’s Name
  • P O Box _ _ _ _ _ _ (6-digit box number) 
  • New Haven, CT 06520- _ _ _ _ (last 4 digits of box #)
    Stop by Yale Station to sign up for these free services:
    • Street Addressing: Yale Station now receives UPS and FedEx deliveries for students. The student’s box number must be included in the address- see proper address sample under section “UPS and FedEx”.
    • Real Mail Notification Services: Receive an email or text message each day new mail is received in your P.O. Box.
    • Signature on File: Provide Yale Station with your signature and have signature-required mail and packages accepted for you.
    Click here for more information on these services and click here for the form to request them. Print and complete the form and bring it with you to Yale Station.
    Undergraduate Student Shipping Information
    UPS and FedEx
    When shipping by UPS or FedEx, use this address format. Your packages will be sent to your post office box and can be picked up with the rest of your mail:
    Student’s Name
    206 Elm St # _ _ _ _ _ _ (6-digit box number) 
    New Haven, CT 06520-_ _ _ _ (last 4 digits of box #)

    No student packages should be sent to your college or Master’s Office. Any UPS or FedEx packages not sent to a post office box should be addressed to:

    Student’s Name*

    135 Prospect St 

    New Haven, CT 06511

    *Students will be notified via email when packages are received.